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Synergg Group
Who We Are
Our Firm
Synergg is a tax and management consulting firm providing advisory, tax, and technology-enabled services.
We believe in building a good foundation for each business to endure a long-term operating trajectory and adapt to short-term changes that can lead to better returns for clients and stakeholders.
Our Firm
What We Do
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We assist businesses thrive with strategic advice by understanding key metrics and financing objectives to sustain and grow a business.
Analyzing Data
Our tax services help
individuals and businesses
adhere to tax filing requirements, consider tax-planning strategies, and support tax exams.
Digital social media
We work with companies to
address their critical technology needs for streamlining processes and create technology-enabled service opportunities.
Our Team
Our team includes accountants, analysts, technology developers, and skilled professionals.
We cultivate entrepreneurship and innovation to advance how we work and create a stronger commercial value for everyone.
Embracing teamwork and a rigorous process is how we deliver value.

Our process is rigorous as we invest time to understand your goals and objectives, identify decision-makers and stakeholders, and work closely to realize the collective goals.


When beneficial, we expand our capabilities by building strategic alliances with industry leaders to deliver specific expertise.

Our Values
Our Values

Integrity, trust, and innovation to deliver superior results are the principles that matter most. We work closely with clients and stakeholders to frame project expectations, manage risks, and deliver excellence.

These principles and framework are the professional attributes of our firm.

Our Process
Growt Strategies
Growth Strategy

We grow our businesses primarily through mergers and acquisitions. 

Synergg Investment is a strategic investor seeking to acquire tax and advisory practices. Our goal is to achieve seamless integration. The sellers' privacy is our top priority and we transact only on a friendly basis.

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